3 Important Marketing Tips for the Emerging Millennial Market


Millennials have become a huge buying force in recent years, in 2017 millennial home buyers made up 34% of total homebuyers with a whopping 66% being first time home buyers.   

So how do you get the attention of these emerging home buyers? 

Here are our 3 favorite tips for connecting & engaging with the millennial home buyer.

Create an engaging online presence

Marketing has changed drastically over the past few years, we know that buyers today aren’t interested in the agent whose face is printed on a park bench ad. Today’s millennial buyers rely heavily on social media platforms and online sources to gain information about the home buying process. This is a perfect chance to use your social media platforms to give helpful information & insights to potential buyers. By using educational content to engage your potential buyers you build confidence and trust within your community. 

Present A Lifestyle

Millennial are increasingly more interested in finding the perfect community not necessarily the perfect house. This buyer group is focused on finding a neighborhood that aligns with their personality and interest. Millennials want to be able to take a stroll to the neighborhood watering hole, the local music venue, or take their friends out to the hip restaurants. By becoming an expert in neighborhoods your buyers will appreciate the feeling of knowing if a house will support their way of life or not.

Stay Engaged

Creating a lasting relationship with your Millennial buyers through your social media platforms can be extremely rewarding. Millennials are moving at a higher rate than the previous generation, statistics show that only 11% of Millennials actually plan to stay in their first home and the average Millennial home buyer moves every 6 years compared to the previous generation who only moves every 10 years. By keeping in touch through Facebook, Instagram, or any of your other social media platforms you can easily improve your chances of creating a repeat customer.

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